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16 October 2014

[OP/ED] Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are really nice but…

For those of you who follow me, you’ll know that I’ve previously been quite outspoken about my dislike with some parts of the Nexus experience. Previous Nexus devices have always had a trade off in one department or another and in the case of the Nexus 5, the camera and battery life were the biggest let disappointments for me.

However, the overall Nexus experience has been really impressive as it achieved one not-so-easy task: it bought high end flagship specs to a mid-range price point and showed that it is possible to make a popular Android smartphone with flagship specs and offer it at a mid-range price. Yesterday Google launched this year’s new [...]

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3 October 2014

O2 launches Charge to Mobile for iTunes/App Store

O2 have announced a new deal to bring Charge To Mobile to Apple devices – the deal will allow users to buy iTunes Codes and charge them directly to their O2 mobile bill. The codes can then be redeemed against music, apps, games, books, TV series, movies and more from the iTunes Stores, App Store, iBooks and Mac App Store.

The service allows you to purchase iTunes credit and have the charge appear either on your mobile bill or for the amount of the deducted from your Pay & Go credit. As a special offer until Sunday 12th October, O2 will offer customers a £25 iTunes voucher for just £20.

Full press release below and if you have any questions, let us know [...]

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29 September 2014

12 months later, it’s goodbye to the Galaxy Note 3

In my world, it’s really difficult to keep one device for any sustained amount of time. Given that I review a multitude of devices in any given quarter, it’s a challenge to keep any phone for a long period of time as my main phone. Over the past twelve months, the Galaxy Note 3 has done just that for me – with a new device every fortnight on average, I’m always swapping phones and SIM cards yet I’ve always drifted back to my ‘main phone’, the Galaxy Note 3.

The time has come however, to wave goodbye to a handset that seriously rocks; the usual concerns of lag, poor performance, bad battery life and hardware issues just [...]

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15 September 2014

[Featured] Working for Phones4u – my memoirs

Last night the news broke that Phones4u had entered administration, leaving 5500 jobs in the balance and resulting in the closure of 720 stores today. The news had me reeling given my past history with the company, although I had forewarned the firm could collapse following Vodafone’s decision to leave and the DixonsCarphone merger.

For those of you who don’t know, 7 years of my working life has been spent in technology retail serving the customers whom we aim to serve with this site. The various roles (including store manager, sales manager and technical advisor) have given me a grounding in technology and allowed me to shape the direction of TechView from [...]

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