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Press image of the HTC One M8 for WP leaks out

Press image of the HTC One M8 for WP leaks out

by Aditya Singhvi1 August 2014

Press images for the HTC One M8 for WP were leaked a short while back and the leaks came straight from Verizon Wireless’ website itself. The image attached below is enough to pretty much confirm all the past coverage that’s been done for the HTC One M8 for WP or Windows as it may be called.

HTC One M8 for Windows

We can clearly see that HTC has not made any changes to the overall design of the phone. It still maintains the characteristics of the Android based One M8. It’s a nice change to see a top end Windows Phone from HTC. I guess any more info on the HTC One M8 for WP will be known only on the 19th of August.

Key things to expect from this device –

1. Dual rear cameras

2. Front facing boom speakers

3. Voice over LTE



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  • Alvin Sahagun

    This is a great entry for WP. But HTC should focus equally on rolling out updates.