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Nokia goes green in teaser for Android-powered Nokia X

Nokia goes green in teaser for Android-powered Nokia X

by Nirave13 February 2014

Nokia’s planning a big surprise at its MWC 2014 conference and on the day that everyone goes red in honour of Valentines day, the Finnish manufacturer has turned green. Over the past 24 hours as each market hit midnight, Nokia’s local market Twitter and Facebook accounts switched to green.


Nokia Australia Facebook page goes green

For those who don’t know, the Android OS has always been a green Android robot and the teaser is a clear indicator that Nokia’s first (and possibly last) Android powered smartphone is about to hit its BIG unveiling at Mobile World Congress 2014.

The first Android-powered Nokia smartphone, dubbed the Nokia X, is expected to be a mid-range device running on a forked version of Android. That means there won’t be access to the Google Play Store or Google services and instead Nokia will be using Android in a similar way to Amazon.


Nokia India Twitter turns Green

We’ll be live from MWC 2014 in just over a week’s time so expect lots of coverage of everything that Nokia and others announce. It’s clear we’re going to see a Nokia-powered Android smartphone but will we also see some Lumia devices as rumoured?

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  • BeefNeegroidMaster


  • BeefNeegroidMaster

    Ill skull f**k their dead corpse. This phone is DOA. MS is gonna kill it.

  • Tips_:(

    Great to see, I always said Nokia should go Android, and they have. maybe they do listen to their customers. Next drop the failed os that is WP