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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on the Sony Xperia Z

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on the Sony Xperia Z

by Michel10 January 2014

So a couple of days ago I got the Android 4.3 Update on my Sony Xperia Z.


The first thing I noticed after the Update is that the Phone runs a lot smoother and seems faster with a bit of a better reception. The next thing is that Sony gave the Xperia Z the complete Z1 Design Line, you can notice it at the app launcher at the Bottom of the Screen and the entire Menu with the quick search bar and the black Background, and here aswell I noticed an improvement in reaction.

One thing I didn’t like so far is that the Settings Menu is now in a complete white design, i prefered the black Design from 4.2 , but that is just my Opinion and everyone else might think different of it. A couple of stock Apps got a little Makeover too, for example the Messaging, the E-Mail and the Calendar App. Everything will be seen in the Video below.

For me the biggest improvement is the new Keyboard, which now allows you to have two auto correction Options activated at the same Time, so you don’t have to constantly switch between the languages, I also really like the new design of the Keyboard and the improved word suggestion that learns from your Apps to generate the best suggestions based on your writing style.

The last Thing I want to talk about is the new Camera Application that has also been transferred from the Sony Xperia Z1. It looks really nice and works a lot faster than the original one. It also comes with the filters and features just like sepia, fisheye or sketch. And it looks more cleaned up than the previous Version.

For a detailed Changelog just click here , and to see all the improvements just watch the Video below.


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Hey, my Name is Michel , i'm 23 and from Germany , I am a smartphone enthusiastic , mostly Nokia (symbian/meego) and Various Android devices . At the moment i call my own a Nokia N9 and as a second(spare) phone a Nokia N97mini, temporarly i use a Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a Sony Xperia Z. Also pretty much a a gaming Nerd.
  • norwegian

    Totally agree regards the white menu-background. It looks “cheap”, and it’s much to bright. The pre-installed themes, nor the sony select themes seems to be any better. Got any tips? I just want a black/dark background..

  • fff

    The white menu is an abomination !!!!