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App Spotlight: 5 must have Samsung Galaxy Gear apps

App Spotlight: 5 must have Samsung Galaxy Gear apps

by Nirave9 December 2013

The era of smartwatches is upon us and the Samsung Galaxy Gear has the potential to be one of the best smartwatches on the market – running on the Android Jelly Bean operating system, it has support for native Galaxy Gear applications and as part of the Samsung Apps store, there are a few must-have applications we recommend you downloading and installing on your Galaxy Gear.


The latest update to the Galaxy Gear delivers the ability to set notifications for any app from your phone so once you’ve got this working, here’s 5 apps we recommend downloading to your Galaxy Gear:



The case for smartphones is that some apps can make them immensely useful to your day to day life – Atooma is one of these apps and it’s available for your Galaxy Gear. There are a range of presets for certain conditions, such as automatically turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if your battery is low or us Text-to-Speech for text messages whilst driving.

The role of Atooma on the Gear is to allow you to download and utilise these presets directly from your wrist. The app has a huge selection of presents and there’s even the option to create new presets, although you can’t do this directly from the Gear. All in all, a very useful companion device for your smart watch that allows you to control presets for your phone from your watch.



Ask people where they buy and sell stuff online and chances are eBay’s pretty high on the list. Chances are you’re bidding on something now and getting outbid at the very last minute is annoying, especially if you’re not watching your phone at the time. With the eBay app on the Galaxy Gear, you can receive notifications including “Item Outbid”, “Watched Item ending soon” and “Bid Item ending soon” direct to your watch. It’s not the complete package as you can’t shop from your Gear but these notifications could come in handy.



If you’re an avid-online reader, chances are you have heard of Pocket. Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is a reading list service that allows you to save articles, videos and pictures directly from a range of apps and your phone’s browser and read them offline without a data connection.

Pocket for Galaxy Gear is unique in that it doesn’t allow you to read articles on the 1.63 inch Super AMOLED display. Instead it will read your articles to you via your phone’s speakers or headphones. Think of Pocket on the Gear as a controller and not a browsing device – it’s a unique interpretation of the capabilities of a smart watch and Pocket have done very well.


Tweet QuickView

One of the handy reasons for a smartwatch is for checking out the latest happenings on social media. Tweet QuickView provides just this and displays the latest tweets from your Twitter followers, your latest mentions/interactions and your latest Direct Messages. In the case of tweets (not DMs), the app gives you the option to retweet/unretweet and favourite/unfavourite directly from your Gear, allowing you to track and share social media on the fly.

If you’re a Twitter junkie, this is a must-have app. Ignore the reviews (three on Google Play Store, all scoring 1/5 and saying it doesn’t work) as they are bizarrely not appreciative of this app – we installed it and had it running with no problems whatsoever. There’s only support for 1 Twitter account but this is a trade-off that we’re happy to accept.


EasilyDo Smart Assistant

EasilyDo is one of the biggest feature-rich applications for your Gear. The phone and Gear apps are extremely robust and really explores the capabilities of a smartwatch and offers 32 incredible “Do It” features including – Get alerted when it’s time to go to a meeting, Call, email, or text attendees with preset messages (e.g. I’m running late), Get directions, estimated drive time, and nearby parking to your meeting and view LinkedIn profiles for your attendees.

There’s also the ability to show boarding passes for selected airlines, email alerts for specified contacts, track parcels and packages, get birthday reminders and rsvp to events and mark your calendar. The feature list is thoroughly exhaustive and this is one app that you DEFINITELY have to have on your smartphone and Galaxy Gear.

If those apps didn’t satisfy your thirst for apps, we also recommend MyFitnessPal and Evernote which are another two great devices for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Each is a smartwatch version of their popular mobile applications and these two apps are a sure sign that large companies are taking the wearable technology market seriously.

Head over to the Samsung Apps store on your Galaxy smartphone to download these apps to your connected Galaxy Gear.

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