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How to: Install Apps Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

How to: Install Apps Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

by Nirave27 November 2013

Part of the smartphone experience is all about being able to add applications to your phone – on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone smartphones, the Windows Phone Store has over 100,000 apps and new apps are being added all the time.


If you’ve just got a Windows Phone and you’re not sure how to install apps, our quick guide will show you exactly how to download and discover new apps for your smartphone.

How to: Install Apps on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

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1. Go to Store and then tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also browse through the catalogues instead of searching.

2. Type the name of an app or choose from the autocomplete list.

3. Select the app and then tap Install followed by Allow.

4. The app will be downloaded and installed.

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