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Galaxy S4 Zoom – they weren’t expecting the Nokia Lumia 1020

Galaxy S4 Zoom – they weren’t expecting the Nokia Lumia 1020

by Nirave2 September 2013

Recently Nokia’s marketing team has taken a different stance with adverts challenging the camera on the iPhone 5 and showcasing the best of all things Nokia Lumia. However over the weekend Nokia stepped up their game with some hilarious gamesmanship against the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. One of our UKMR readers managed to grab some shots of Nokia’s actions over the weekend –


To be honest, we absolutely love Nokia’s move here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong (at least from a legal standpoint) from doing what they did but it is absolutely brilliant! As we’ve covered before, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is Samsung’s take on a smartphone camera but really feels like a Galaxy S4 Mini meets DSLR. In comparison the Nokia Lumia 1020 features an outstanding zoom that redefines exactly how a smartphone camera should work.

Your move Samsung…

What do you think of Nokia’s marketing here? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • davuvnik

    ahahahahahah now THAT’S HOW YOU SHOULD ADVERTISE!!

    • WiseJeffrey

      What ? Parking a shitty old beat up truck on a corner…….this is worse that the minaj crap…….smfh

      • davuvnik

        butt hurt a little? maybe is that SG4 zoom bulk in your pocket, Don’t fight, switch.

  • danny

    Utterly pathetic………… this Nokia’s answer to Samsung’s $4.3Bn advertising campaign ?

    Samsung have done their research and know very few people buy a smartphone for it’s camera………..especially a smartphone that doesn’t even have Instagram to upload pictures with……….

    And before all the fanbois start going on about 3rd party apps…let me just remind them this year alone Fake BBC, Youtube, Facebook etc, in fact over 100 Fake apps have been removed from WP store, and a recent survey found that 69% of Apps in the WP store are dead apps, with no reviews or downloads………..moar fartapps ?

    I should know I dumped my POS Lumia 920 as it had no Apps and bought a HTC one……….best move ever, now I have the best hardware and the best OS :) Sweet !

    • Taki

      Go home you are drunk.

      • danny

        Go buy an app to attach files to an email you looser………facepalm

        oh wait… bad !

        WP is for loosers like you :/ Android has kicked WP to the with it

        • neo158

          Really, then how come WP grew 8.2% in Europe yet Android dropped 3.8%!!!!
          Say what you want about Windows Phone but as one of the only platforms to show growth I would say that Android is on an decline.

          • danny

            hmmm dumbass

            work out what 8.2% of almost nothing

            its still almost nothing…….

        • Ryan Gadz

          “Loser” is the correct term here; our shit is pretty tight.

          • danny

            “”Loser” is the correct term here; our shit is pretty tight.”

            If by “your shit” you mean WP, then I concur.

        • despotic

          What are you 12 years old? All email clients are able to send attachments. How do you manage to misuse the easiest mobile OS to adopt?

          • danny

            so I can attach two exe files to one email then ?????

          • hary536

            Just FYI: Gmail sends my email to spam, if I have an executable file in an attachment of my email.

          • zahrans

            so i take it you are one of those who forward (unsolicited btw) virus or malware loaded executable files via email?

          • danny

            no I email myself small utilities like sonic wall vpn clients etc, but my lumia 920 couldn’t do this

            so i kicked it to the ground yeah !

            it was one lame ass phone

          • zahrans

            “so i kicked it to the ground”

            cool story bro….

          • danny

            “All email clients are able to send attachments. “….apart from windows phone………I can’t attach a zip file to an email……..

            how 1970’s

      • danny

        lol are you SERIOUS that i have to buy an app which costs $1.99 to attach files to an email on windows phone !?!?!?!?!?

        Lol WP is such a fail of epic proportions lol !!!!!

        • jreg

          You don’t have to use any app to attach files to emails. Just open any office document, PDF, or media file (pic/music/video) and select “Share”. Pick your email account and you can write and email it anywhere. Learn what you can do with Windows Phone before you show off your ignorance.
          100 fake apps? How many of Google Play’s 1.000.000+ apps are fake, viruses, malware and other harmful apps? Or fart apps? I bet more than 100 at least.

          • danny

            “You don’t have to use any app to attach files to emails. Just open any office document, PDF, or media file (pic/music/video) and select “Share”.

            Good you so are admitting you can only attach *CERTAIN* filetypes………… shitty..I can’t attach a csv or a zip for example ?

            Is the limit still only one file per email btw ??? that really used to bug me on my POS Lumia………..

          • jreg

            You can attach any file of course, the question is why you need “any” type of file in the phone in the first place? WP can natively read ZIP files and open files from within the archive. Excel (built in, not some lame app) can of course read csv files, edit, save and email it. Anything you put in SkyDrive the phone can download and (“Share”) as an email. If you mark several files before you tap share, they will all be attached.

            And for your information, in Finland (ref. Market-Visio Oy, 2013-07-06) WP has 35% marketshare, Android 33%, iOS 30% and Symbian 0.2%… Who’s kicked to the curb, huh?

          • danny

            Android has kicked WP to the kerb……all over the world……remind me how big is the market in Finland lol !!!


          • jreg

            Windows Phone is still the fastest growing mobile OS ever, incl iOS and Android, world-wide. It kicked Symbian to the curb, it kicked Blackberry to the curb. iOS is next, then the robots. Once people get tired of viruses, malware and 999.999 other useless apps in Google Play, they will switch to Windows Phone!

        • Prodigy1

          My advice: Don’t make a bigger fool out of yourself with false statements like this. Please.

    • 41mp

      “Samsung have done their research and know very few people buy a smartphone for it’s camera” *that’s* why they have huge billboards everywhere advertising their new camera phone? It all makes sense now.

      • WiseJeffrey

        Exactly, no TV ads etc.they only spend very little advertising the zoom.

        • hary536

          Because they know their product is not worth spending for lot of marketing.

    • Orc

      Mommy, Nokia is mean to Samsung…

    • Paul van der Heu

      I have no problm uploading to Instagram, Youtube works fine, Facebook looks better every day an both TV catchup and BBC iPlayer run just fine. Fairly sure percentages on dead apps in playstore are at least the same. But enjoy your android phone…. while HTC is still around to support it.

    • zahrans


      mommy! mommy! nokia is being mean to my sammy!

  • lew15d™

    I like it, personally! There’s nothing illegal about it! It’s all a bit of fun. Also, whatever idiot said you have to pay to attach files to an email… you’re a bit out of date with your technology knowledge.

    • danny

      Tell that to Microsoft.

      So you are telling me I can attach a .dat a .zip a .msi a .ora a .lha and a .exe all to one email ??

      Is that what you are telling me ?

      Well ???

      • lew15d™

        What the hell are you on about? Why anyone would want to attach them to begin with is beyond me. I’m talking about picture and music files.

  • Subnu

    I like it! Wish I could see these kind of campaigns in Germany, too.

  • Hayder Amily

    please anyone explain what “Still, it didn’t see this coming”, i don’t get it and i’m not a native english, thanks

    • Orc

      Samsung is the is the only smartphone with 10X optical Zoom, it still didn’t see the Lumina 1020 come, or the Nokia truck with this text.

  • Hayder Amily

    aha , i got it now, Samsung didn’t see something coming….

  • AG

    There’s a big difference between “didn’t see it coming” and “didn’t care” and that’s mainly for bringing a camera to a smartphone battle. Keep trying.

  • danny

    Nokia certainly didn’t see Android coming lol !!!!!!!!!!!

  • kctanese

    I like this coming ^^

  • Ganix Trejo

    I want to try both of them, incredible they are!