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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Black Mist vs White Frost

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Black Mist vs White Frost

by Nirave10 June 2013

If you’re looking at buying a new smartphone, chances are you’ve seen the Galaxy S4 adverts and read the Galaxy S4 reviews. But with two colours available, Black Mist and White Frost, which Galaxy S4 is right for you?


The first you’ll notice between these two different colours is that the screen stands out more on the Galaxy S4 White Frost. On the Black Mist S4, the screen partially blends into the surrounding handset colour.

However, this actually proves to be a disadvantage when viewing a movie on your Galaxy S4. With the screen blending into the colour of the bezel, the viewing experience on the Galaxy S4 Black Mist is far superior to that on the Galaxy S4 White Frost. The white bezel deters your attention away from the content and the screen itself.


Above the screen lies the sensors on the Galaxy S4 – again the sensors blend in on the Black Frost Galaxy S4 but stand out clearly on the Galaxy S4 White Frost.


One thing to note is that the colour differences only apply to the bezel surrounding the screen and the back cover. The silver bezel around the Galaxy S4 is still the same with the Galaxy S4 White Frost which means you can do this:


Fancy being creative? Now you can – you may have the White Frost Galaxy S4 but with a different colour back cover (they retail for around £20 each), you can change to a Black and White combo in just a few seconds.


One thing we have noticed is that the keys below the screen are much more noticable with the Black Frost Galaxy S4. On the White Frost Galaxy S4, the keys are quite difficult to see, even in darkness. Although they still work, some of you may still prefer to see the keys (as a reassurement).

With more colours coming for the Galaxy S4 later this year, possibly at IFA in August, the colour choices will be endless. For now, if you can’t decide on what colour to buy, we hope we’ve helped you make up your mind!

Here’s our Galaxy S4 Black Mist vs White Frost gallery:

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