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EOS = Nokia Lumia 1020

EOS = Nokia Lumia 1020

by Nirave25 June 2013

Perennial tipsters evleaks have revealed that the Nokia EOS will hit the shelves as the Lumia 1020. Expected to be announced on July 11th, the Nokia EOS is the Windows Phone cousin of the Nokia 808 PureViewEvleaks posted the following tweet:

They are known for usually being accurate so the EOS will be the first to branch away from Nokia’s current 3 number naming scheme. As we’ve previously heard, the Nokia EOS is likely to come with a 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and possibly an LED flash for video.


The EOS will be slimmer than the Lumia 920 and made out of polycarbonate. It’s likely we could see an all-metal version launched in the future as well. Nokia’s event on July 11th takes place in New York and we’ll be reporting LIVE from the event. There’s 41 million reasons to look out for the Nokia EOS

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