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How to: Backup and Restore the HTC One

How to: Backup and Restore the HTC One

by Nirave10 May 2013

Need to backup your HTC One in case something goes wrong? This easy guide tells all in a few easy steps.


Android smartphones do an awful lot but Google is yet to provide a fully functional backup and restore service like iCloud and the service on Windows Phone. Android has the options enabled and seems to backup okay but the service usually only works if you’re using a stock Android smartphone (in the Nexus range) and not one running a custom user interface.

On their latest flagship, HTC have decided to fix this issue with their HTC Backup app. What does it backup?

What does HTC Backup save?
  • Home Screen Settings – Including home screen widget settings, feeds and home screen layout.
  • Accounts and Passwords – Excluding selected account passwords (e.g. Facebook, Google), HTC Backup can save all your saved in profiles and their passwords.
  • Apps and Settings – probably the key part – HTC can backup your personal dictionary, bookmarks, Wi-Fi settings, TV app settings, installed apps and over 150 settings.

Here’s how to backup and restore the HTC One:

Backing up the HTC One

To use HTC Backup, you first need to turn off Google Backup. You can also set your HTC One to backup daily over-the-air.

1) Slide down the Notifications panel and tap on the Settings icon.


2) Select Backup & Reset.


3) Tap the Backup On/Off switch (or proceed to step 4 if you’re already switched on Google Backup).


4) Select the HTC Account and sign in:


  • You can sign in with either your HTC Account or using Facebook.
  • Backing up to your HTC Account will stop your HTC One from backing up to Google’s servers.

5) Sign into Dropbox.


If you want to do a manual backup, select Backup History and then Back up now.

Restoring your HTC One

If you’ve moved phones or have reset your HTC One, here’s how to restore the data to your phone.

  1. During the start up, select Restore Content followed by Restore from HTC Backup.
  2. Sign in with your HTC Account or Facebook Account (depending on how you set it up).
  3. Sign into Dropbox and allow HTC Backup access to your Dropbox. This will allow HTC Backup to display your backup history.
  4. Select a backup and then tap Next.
  5. Your accounts and settings will then be restored.
  6. Select OK to continue restoring your apps.

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  • rishi

    i m facing problems while restoring!!!

  • ShitKat

    This won’t work!!! No retrieval works on HTC ONE!!! It simply doesn’t see any kind of previous backup after KitKat is being installed! No more HTC…ever again!!!