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Apple iMessage and FaceTime services down, some users affected

Apple iMessage and FaceTime services down, some users affected

by Nirave9 April 2013


Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime server is currently suffering from an outage which means that some users of both iMessage and FaceTime could be affected. TheNextWeb broke the story after receiving complaints from users and a Twitter search reveals a complains nearly every second. The issue has been affecting users for around an hour so far with no confirmation of how long it will be until services are restored.

Apple has updated its iCloud Status Site to indicate an issue with the services and says ‘some users affected’ which could mean any number but given the Twitter barrage, it’s likely to be a fair amount. It will be interesting to see how long it takes Apple to fix the service and whether its as large an issue as BlackBerry’s PR howler following their major outage last year.

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