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Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One – The One Minute OIS test

Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One – The One Minute OIS test

by Nirave4 March 2013


We’re big fans of Optical Image Stabilisation here at UK Mobile Review and we’ve already proven it’s a handy feature to have in our Lumia 920 Extreme OIS test in Dubai last November. The Lumia 920 was the first smartphone to feature Optical Image Stabilisation and now HTC aim to challenge Nokia by using the same OIS feature in their new HTC One camera.

Which is better? During MWC 2013 last week in Barcelona, we put this to the test in a short 1 minute OIS comparison between the two handsets. Unlike other tests you may have seen, this involved no rigs or even a plank of wood connecting the two handsets. Instead, we simply filmed the same scene on both devices using nothing but our hands, as this is how a video is normally taken.

So which one wins? Here’s the two videos – first up is the Lumia 920 (heads up – the Lumia 920 features more shaking that the HTC One due to some annoying visitors who kept bumping into us whilst we were taking this video! We tried it twice and still had people who couldn’t walk in a straight line past us!)

Now we have the HTC One:

Which is better? We’re leaving that to you to decide – simply vote in the poll below and we’ll announce the winner next week!

P.S. we’ve got an EVEN better test coming up in the next few weeks – we’re taking OIS back to the EXTREME! Interested? Watch our social channels for more info SOON!

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