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HTC – no longer quietly brilliant, taking fight to Apple and Samsung

HTC – no longer quietly brilliant, taking fight to Apple and Samsung

by Nirave12 March 2013


HTC‘s motto has always been ‘Quietly Brilliant’ but that looks set to change. The Taiwan manufacturer has acknowledged that behemoth rivals Apple and Samsung have lots of resources and that they need to be vocal in their challenge.

In an interview with Fierce Wireless, HTC’s Global President of Sale, Jason Mackenzie said:

We’re changing the culture within HTC. Our culture has always embraced this “quietly brilliant” mentality, which meant the good things about being humble. But we’ve been too quiet. We’re embracing that we need to be a challenger. HTC is a company fighting against two of the biggest companies in the world, Apple and Samsung, who have a lot of resources. So we’re embracing that.

One of these changes could be the switch to a single flagship HTC One device per year. Last year saw the company launch the One X and the One X+ flagships alongside other One devices, such as the One S. However, the new naming format in the HTC One signals a shift in the company’s policy.

The HTC One was set to go on sale later this week but now appears to be delayed until March 29th. In comparison, Samsung will announce the Galaxy S4 on Thursday and potentially release it on March 28th. This could be one delay that heavily costs HTC.

What do you think? Can HTC go head-to-head with the might of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone wars? Give us your opinion in the comments below.


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