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Samsung ATIV S Replaced by Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung ATIV S Replaced by Nokia Lumia 920

by TechView Team2 February 2013

samsung ativ s

T-Mobile Germany were to offer the Samsung ATIV S as a complement to the windows phone operating system.

The Samsung ATIV S represents one of three manufacturers creating smartphones which carry the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system. The second company is Nokia, with their flagship Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Lumia 820 and the Nokia Lumia 620. The third company is HTC, with their flagship product the HTC 8X and the HTC 8S.

Of interest is the fact that the Samsung ATIV S was the first windows phone 8 smartphone announced back in August 2012. However, it is the latest to come to market, not shipping until December. This appears to have put Samsung on the back foot where windows phone 8 is conferenced with networks and carriers choosing the HTC and Nokia above the Samsung.

This appears to be reflected again recently in the case of T-Mobile Germany. The carrier was set to offer the Samsung ATIV S as their windows phone complement and had opened a pre-registration list. However, customers who had registered are receiving emails to say that T-Mobile Germany will no longer be adding the ATIV S smartphone to their portfolio. T-Mobile Germany decided in December that it would be carrying the Nokia Lumia 920 due to ‘popular demand’.

Unfortunately this is not good news for Samsung as they aim to expand their portfolio beyond the remit of their Android smartphones.


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