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BlackBerry Z10: Transfer contacts via Bluetooth

BlackBerry Z10: Transfer contacts via Bluetooth

by Nirave10 February 2013


If you’ve read our guide on how to transfer your data from an old BlackBerry to the new BlackBerry Z10, you’ll know that transferring contacts via the BlackBerry Link software doesn’t work. This means that transferring your contacts to your new BlackBerry Z10 could be a long task that includes having to copy them one-by-one.

Thankfully there is an easier way and we’re going to talk you through it. (This guide will work for any BlackBerry 10 smartphone.)

Step 1: Getting ready

First you need to pair your BlackBerry Z10 to your old BlackBerry (in this guide we’re using a BlackBerry Bold 9790 running BlackBerry OS 7.1).

Go to Settings > Network Connections > Bluetooth on your BlackBerry Z10 and turn on Bluetooth. Then on your old BlackBerry, go to the Bluetooth menu and pair with your BlackBerry Z10.

Step 2: Transfer contacts to the BlackBerry Z10

On your old BlackBerry, go to the Bluetooth menu and then click on your new BlackBerry under paired devices. From the menu, select Transfer Contacts and all your contacts will transfer to your new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

That’s it, that’s how simple it is! Remember to transfer the rest of your BlackBerry data, take a look at our BlackBerry Z10 transfer data guide.

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  • aherbert

    I tried this but only one contact appears on z10. Although old phone says 1342 entries sent.

  • tickedoff

    Same here. It says 120 sent but my z10 shows only 1. For ref: 8900 -> Z10