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EXTREME OIS test: Protecting the Nokia Lumia 920

EXTREME OIS test: Protecting the Nokia Lumia 920

by Nirave26 November 2012

This post is part of the Lumia 920 EXTREME OIS test series. We recommend you read part 1 – the Concept (opens in new tab) before reading this post.

Now you’ve read the Concept post, you know the beginnings of this story. Armed with an idea, we approached Nokia to give us a Lumia 920 so we could put it to the test. I’ve got to say thank you to Nokia for taking a chance, especially when the Lumia 920 could have fallen and been crushed under a fast moving car.

We also still had to consider how to protect the Lumia 920 from flying sand and the effects to moving outdoors in wind at a high speed. But how do you protect a smartphone that hasn’t been released yet? First we approached our good friends at Mobile Fun, who gave us this Krusell SEaLABox Waterproof Case. (they now have a wide range of Lumia 920 accessories.) All of this happened prior to October 25th.

So that’s us set. Remember, we didn’t actually have a Lumia 920 yet. We picked up our Lumia on Friday November 9th. The first thing we checked was the case. Alas, it didn’t fit so it was back to square one and considering how to protect the lumia. A quick browse on the Amazon app and we settled on this Black/Blue GYM Armband, which the seller claimed would work with the Lumia 920.

One Express Saturday delivery later, we had our case – the front was okay as it fit the touchscreen perfectly and you could still use the touchscreen. Turn it around and we had an issue, as the case features a camera slot for the iPhone and not the Lumia 920. Still, that wasn’t too bad as the material is soft enough to cut through.

Join us again tomorrow for the third installment in the series – a very special trip to Dubai Mall and finding G-Luxe Gadget Luxury. Stay up to date with the rest of Windows Phone 8 Week in our portal.

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