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Nokia Lumia 920 – EXTREME Optical Image Stabilisation Test

Nokia Lumia 920 – EXTREME Optical Image Stabilisation Test

by Nirave28 November 2012

One of the highlight features of the new Nokia Lumia 920 is Optical Image Stabilisation, which helps to reduce shaky videos captured on the smartphone. Many smartphones have claimed to feature video stabilisation but the results have been less than stellar. Nokia claim that the Lumia 920 is the world’s most innovative smartphone and we decided to test out Optical Image Stabilisation to the MAX!

Throughout this week, we’ve been building up to this video. First we explained the concept – to summarise, we’ve hooked up the Lumia 920 to the front of a jeep whilst we went on a desert safari. Then we showed you how we looked to protect the Lumia 920 – after all the Lumia 920 is an expensive piece of kit. Beginning with a case from Mobile Fun, we then moved to a case we purchased from Amazon before we found G-Luxe (Gadget Luxury) in the UAE.

We ended up settling for the case (with some modifications) and the Lumia 920 protected by the gadget style protection. Check out our implementation post for a full step by step process on how we protected, attached and secured the Lumia 920 on the front of the Jeep. Ten minutes later and we ended up with this video.

Here’s how it all happened:

Now to that video. We’ve said everything we needed to say, so we’ll let the Nokia Lumia 920 do the talking. (Just to clarify: the video has not been edited in anyway (we even left in the bizarre jump in video at 1:05.) The only editing was to remove the scenes prior to the Jeep moving and after we had completed the test and to add the beginning and end frames.)

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