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Vodafone Launches £4.5m 4G Ad Campaign

Vodafone Launches £4.5m 4G Ad Campaign

by TechView Team27 October 2012


Vodafone prepares itself for next years arrival of its 4G service by a £4.m advertising campaign.

EE is to roll-out its 4G service on 30 October 2012 giving it a pre-emptive start against the likes of O2 and Vodafone.

However, Vodafone seeks to impress on everyone:

It holds the No1 position as ‘Best Network’ of the year as voted by Mobile Choice Consumer Awards and that

It is the ‘only’ mobile network to own its own nationwide fibre backbone.

In aid of reaching those on the ground floor Vodafone has taken out advertising with a cover wrap of five of the UK’s biggest newspapers: City AM, Metro (which is given out at busy train and tube stations), The Independent, The Guardian and the Telegraph.

This is one of its biggest campaigns with its RED brand targeted with the slogan “After voted the best, there’s only one way to go”.

Vodafone have recently brought in their new Red tariff which gives many unlimited options amongst other services.

Vodafone will be offering one of the best upgrade deals to 4G and you can read more about it here.

O2 is said to also be starting their campaign today with a featured Michael Buble in promotion of their Priority Tickets loyalty offer.

Early research found that 87 percent of customers feel that 4G pricing is too expensive.

Have you switched networks to take up the EE 4G offer?



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