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Olympics London 2012 XE Currency

Olympics London 2012 XE Currency

by TechView Team26 July 2012


App Name: Currency

Cost: Free

Platform: Nokia Lumia and other Windows Phones

Over the past several days we have looked at a variety of apps available to enhance and facilitate your enjoyment of the London 2012 Olympics.

However, sometimes the most simple of applications can prove to be the most useful.

Today we take a look at ‘Currency’. It is simply a foreign exchange converter. ‘Currency’ tool is an essential app for those of you who have travelled here for the Olympic games and want to be sure you are getting value for money on your purchases and on your rate of exchange.

Currency is a simple app with an intuitive and easy user interface. The exchange rate if updated on a regular basis and you can adjust many of the setting such as refresh rate, default exchange and add additional currencies.

Ratings (out of 5)

Design: 4

User Experience: 4

Features 4:

Value for Money: 5

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