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Instagram for Nokia N9/N950

Instagram for Nokia N9/N950

by TechView Team7 June 2012

Instagram can now be found not only on Apple’s iOS devices but also on Android smartphones. However, the arguments for Instagram to be able to other operating systems continue.

Apple’s iOS users enjoyed Instagram as the sole platform of use for quite some time with the owner repeating time after time that he was concentrating on Apple as a platform and had no plans in bringing Instagram to other smartphones such as Android, Windows Phones and more.

However, less than a week before its acquisition by Facebook for $1 billion, Instagram for Android was released. Since then Android users have been enjoying the new photo-sharing and filter-imaging app increasing Instagram users to over 30 million.

But, some customers remain in the cold awaiting the warmth of instagram to grace their devices. We have already talked about the Lumia demand for Instagram.

Today I have come across a petition to bring Instagram to the Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. The two devices are built running the MeeGo operating system or Harmattan. On first appearances it would seem that there is not so much of an incentive to the developers of Instagram to bring it to Harmattan devices. However, the community is big and growing bigger.

The Nokia N9 was released to a smaller market and for some countries such as the UK, the Nokia N9 was never officially released, though it can be bought from individual online retailers. The Nokia N950 is a developer phone for building and testing applications.

But, whatever the circumstances of the phones release or whether Nokia supports the device or not, the people still want Instagram and hence the petition.

If you own one of the devices or know someone who does, then point them to this article so that they too can add their name to the petition list.

Facebook are the new owners of Instagram and as yet we have not had much information from them on how they plan to run their new acquisition. But owners of windows phone, symbian and harmattan will be watching them carefully.

No one likes to be left out of the loop and we are hoping that Facebook will realise this and take steps to remedy the situation.

Sign the petition and join the Facebook page.


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    Assino, e solicito também!! Instagram para Meego Jáa!!!