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Apple Employees to Work Late 5 June New Product?

Apple Employees to Work Late 5 June New Product?

by TechView Team2 June 2012

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins on 11 June running until 15 June in San Francisco.

However, recent reports suggest that something more if to come from the Apple Conference with news of staff being asked to work late on the night of 5 June.

It is likely that there may be some promotion for schools which normally arises at this time of year but there is also speculation that Apple could be releasing a new product or service.

News of the Apple iPhone has rumours arriving nearly every day and the basic iPod shuffle has been rumoured to be getting a camera in the future.

But, unless someone leaves a package  unexpectedly in a pub in the middle of nowhere it has to be a game of guessing until Apple reveals the news themselves.


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