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Android Safe Mode explained; how to get out of Safe Mode?

Android Safe Mode explained; how to get out of Safe Mode?

by Nirave15 June 2012

As part of our new Technology Made Simple series, we’re showing you how to get more from your smartphone. One of the handy tools available to all Android users is Safe Mode.

Android Safe Mode allows you to boot up your device with only the core preloaded applications running meaning any apps you’ve downloaded won’t be running. The benefit of Safe Mode is that it allows you to correct issues caused by a defective or corrupt apps.

Here’s what you need to know about Android Safe Mode.

When to use

With the Android platform featuring the loose controls that open-sourced dictates, occasionally an app can cause your device to become defective. This can be really annoying as it could mean that you’re unable to get your device to turn on fully so you can delete the app. When this happens, most people would think of hard resetting the device and losing all their data.

Safe Mode means you don’t need to do this as it only loads the preloaded applications; essentially it puts your phone back to factory settings and applications without deleting any of your data or media.

How to boot your device into Safe Mode

It’s really easy to boot an Android device into Safe Mode. Here’s how you do it:

  • Switch phone off.
  • When turning the phone on, keep pressing the menu button.
  • The device will boot with Safe Mode in the left bottom corner of the screen.

How to get your device OUT of Safe Mode

  • Restart your phone.

That’s it, it’s REALLY simple to get out of Safe Mode as all you have to do is restart the device and hopefully, the defective app has been removed and your phone is back to how you set it!

This guide was published as part of Technology Made Simple, our new series designed to help you get the most out of your smartphone. See the full series using our dedicated portal!

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  • john

    My pan tech 8010 will not go to safe mode

  • andrich

    Por mas que lo reinicie no me sale el modo seguro

  • Tiiu Varend

    I have switched it off and on at least 5 times and the safe mode is still there. Absolutely impossible to get out.

  • Me

    didn’t work

  • Mark Joseph

    Worked for me. Alcatel One Touch.