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O2 Joins with Costa to Offer Free WiFi

O2 Joins with Costa to Offer Free WiFi

by TechView Team5 May 2012

Next time you go to pick up your favourite coffee from Costa you will also pick up a free 30 minutes of WiFi on O2.

O2 in partnership with Costa Coffee is to offer Costa customers free internet. The deal is for unlimited Wi-Fi and you will be allocated 30 minutes free. The Olympics are not too far away in early summer and this would be an ideal way to grab a cup of coffee and get updated on your latest sports. The Costa offer will involved in 835 Costa Coffee shops across the UK.

O2 said the deal shows its commitment to working closely with the retail industry. The operator is in the process of deploying 3,000 hotspots in the UK, and is working with retailers on services such as Priority Moments and the recently launched O2 Wallet.

O2 Wi-Fi managing director Gavin Franks said: “Coffee shops are seen as the traditional heartland for public access wifi and Costa is the largest coffee chain in the UK.

“We have shown how our innovative models works in new contexts such as London Metro wifi and this deal shows that it also works in more traditional contexts.”

Costa UK marketing director Kevin Hydes said: “As people spend around half an hour in our stores, we are delighted to be partnering with O2 and providing our customers with 30minutes of free WiFi.

“This is the latest in a series of new partnerships with industry and sector leading brands for O2 Wifi. In 2012, O2 Wifi has already announced an additional 3,000 UK hotspots which are currently being deployed across the UK.”


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