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Google to sell multiple Nexus branded devices later this year

Google to sell multiple Nexus branded devices later this year

by Nirave16 May 2012

Traditionally Google has only launched one Nexus branded handset per year, following the lead of Apple, but that could be set to change according to the Wall Street Journal. WSJ report that Google is planning a much bigger roll out of Nexus branded handsets this year with up to 5 manufacturers, including Motorola who are being purchased by Google, all launching Nexus branded stock Android smartphones.

Why is Google planning this? To ease growing unrest over the company’s planned acquisition of Motorola which Google partners believe could give the company unfair favouritism. Google is also hoping that the launch of a range of Nexus branded stock Android devices would mean that the hardware OEMs differentiate against each other based purely on hardware, and not the current hardware/UI differentiation status quo.

Google is also hoping that offering multiple manufacturers early access to the latest Android build will represent faster updates for non-Nexus devices and the WSJ also comments that Google could look to enforce the pure Android platform on all Android devices as the use of custom UIs often leads to slower updates and a poorer experience.

Google’s plan of attack isn’t exclusive to mobile smartphones either as the company could use the same concept to relaunch Android tablets. The new Nexus branded handsets would be sold directly through Google’s online store, network-free, unlocked and at a full price.

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