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Apple iPhone headed to China Mobile

Apple iPhone headed to China Mobile

by Nirave16 May 2012

Will the next iPhone feature China Mobile 3G support?

The world’s largest mobile network by subscribers, China Mobile, announced today that it was in talks with Apple to bring Apple’s immensely popular iPhone to the Chinese telecoms carrier.

China Mobile is the only Chinese network not to carry the iPhone as the 3G frequency being used by the network is not currently supported by Apple’s iPhone.

“We’ve been actively talking to Apple on how we can cooperate,” China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua, who assumed the post in March, told a shareholders meeting. “I can’t give you too many details, but I’d like to repeat that both sides do hope to boost our cooperation,” Xi added after the meeting.

Xi also revealed that China Mobile has an ambitious global expansion plan, that could see it offer mobile services in the USA. China Mobile also said that the number of subscribers grew to 667.20 million in March, which is more than twice the entire population of the USA and Xi said:

“We want to become a more global company. For that to happen, we are interested in tapping other markets such as Hong Kong and the United States,” Xi said.

“We have applied to the United States for a license, but it’s not been rejected yet. Rather, it’s undergoing the relevant procedure. We hope the U.S. government will give us their approval soon for us to expand our services there.”


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