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Nokia Windows Phone 8: Fluid Devices Show Up

Nokia Windows Phone 8: Fluid Devices Show Up

by TechView Team21 April 2012

While the discussion continues about whether window phone 8 will come to present windows phone 7 devices.

Work on windows 8 appears to be going full steam ahead with two new devices showing up on T-Mobile, Verizon. The two new devices go under the codename Fluid, which could be changed in the future. The Qualcomm Fluid and the Nokia Fluid have shown up before but now Windows phone 8 shows up under the full user agent as running IE10.

The speeds of the Verizon device is fast, so we are hoping this has LTE on board, the other device on T-Mobile was not so good. Both devices show with resolution of 768×768 and 480×480.

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