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HTC One X: Fix Gives 10-20 Percent Battery Improvement

HTC One X: Fix Gives 10-20 Percent Battery Improvement

by TechView Team14 April 2012

The HTC One X was eagerly awaited and arrived on the doorstep at the said time. However, the battery was a bit of a let down as was the colour – the grey arrived and I had wanted the white.

And so… for a day or two I am without my HTC One X while I wait for the replacement.

However, friends with the white version do not have the power management issues that I had with my battery in the grey version so I am hoping that I, too, will fare better with a new device.

But, of those of you who are daring, there is an unofficial power management fix available. It is said to increase the battery life by some 10-20 percent.

The custom ROM is available out there. You can follow the link below for more information. However, be warned that we accept no responsibility for any damage that you may do to your phone by following the path of installing a custom ROM.

HTC will eventually issue an update for the HTC One X but at this time no definitive date or timing has been issued.


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