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Siri Used by 87 Percent of iPhone 4s Owners

Siri Used by 87 Percent of iPhone 4s Owners

by TechView Team27 March 2012

The iPhone 4S made its way into the consumer market with the virtual assistant Siri as the heart of the iPhone. But six months later, is Siri what everyone hopes for and how are people using it.

A new survey by The Wall Street Journal released new research which shows that 87 percent of iPhone 4s users are making use of Siri each month. Of those, many are using Siri in a limited format for one function of the technology alone, such as setting an alarm. The most popular activity for Siri is to make phone calls and send text messages.

Another frequent activity for Siri is to look up information. This is used on a daily or almost daily basis. However, much of the services offered by Siri are little used. Playing music and scheduling meetings are two that see little input from Siri with 32 and 35 percent of 4S users.

Email is a heavy data input task but email is split with 30 percent never having used Siri for that function and 26 percent who said they use Siri on a daily or almost daily basis for email.

Fifty-vie percent of iPhone 4S users said they were satisfied with Siri’s existence while 9 percent were dissatisfied. Everyone else was somewhere in-between.


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