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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone to gain WiFi Hotspot tethering support

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone to gain WiFi Hotspot tethering support

by Nirave25 March 2012

One of the few downsides to Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone devices thus far has been the lack of WiFi Hotspot tethering. I personally have used an iPhone for quite some time as my main device (but now it’s gone) and the one feature I used a lot was Apple’s Personal Hotspot.

I’m now using a Nokia Lumia device and one of the features I miss is the ability to share tethering which allows you to share your internet connection to other devices. According to Plaffo, the update is imminent and will enable the feature on the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800.

One of the big changes from the Nokia’s previous Symbian range to their Lumia devices is the Finnish company’s attitude towards OS updates. Previously, Symbian handsets were updated but at a leisurely pace, whilst now Nokia’s Lumia (and current Symbian) devices and apps are updated regularly and frequently.

The tethering feature has not come in any of Nokia’s recent Lumia updates, which have mainly delivered battery life improvements and camera upgrades but is expected to arrive through a separate update.

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