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Nokia Lumia 610 FCC Reveals Silent Option

Nokia Lumia 610 FCC Reveals Silent Option

by TechView Team9 March 2012

Nokia’s newest Windows Phone, the Lumia 610 has been under the microscope over at the FCC.

On route to its release the FCC report shows the images of the stripped down version of the Lumia 610 and a very interesting revelation. We see the micro-SIM fixture which we already know about but in addition the paper shows in the page manual that the Nokia Lumia 610 will have the facility to turn your phone face-down to silence an incoming call. Granted this exists already on some devices but it is a first for a Nokia device and will make a nice addition.

Tango will be the new operating system that will exist on the lower-end devices of Windows Phone with it first arriving on the Lumia 610. We are not sure as yet whether this is a feature of Tango itself or whether it is something that is part of the hardware of the new Lumia 610. If it is the software, it could be a feature that may arrive to other Nokia Windows Phones.


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