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Nokia: iPhone is poorly designed

Nokia: iPhone is poorly designed

by Sheikh Ali20 March 2012

Well Well Well. What have we here? It seems that  Nokia has decided to take a shot at Apple’s revolutionary smartphone, the iPhone. I say this based on the comments given by a Nokia executive. Marko Ahtissari Nokia design chief  in an interview with Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti said that the UI offered by the Cupertinos on the iPhone is poorly designed.

What did the senior officer say about other platforms like Symbian and Android? Well, let’s just say he wasn’t totally disappointed with Google’s and his company’s own mobile platform and termed them as dollhouses; the furniture of which can be picked and customized as per the user desire and choice. The design master as expected had nothing but praise for Windows Phone and termed Microsoft’s mobile OS as a more natural OS among its competition.

Ahtissari didn’t stop there and revealed that the Finlanders are working on a revolutionary smartphone that will put smartphones of other platforms to shame and feel outdated. Unfortunately, no details were provided regarding Nokia’s self claimed revolutionary phone. But, from what I see and understand, the Finlander’s mysterious phone will have something unique to offer in the UI department. As always, we are keeping an eye on this development and will update you once we have more on this seemingly interesting subject.


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