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Google and Asus to launch Nexus Tablet this May

Google and Asus to launch Nexus Tablet this May

by Sheikh Ali10 March 2012

We just can’t have enough of Nexus Tablet rumors these days can we? What has transpired this time is the obvious question here . Digitimes, which is one of the leading rumor sharing site, speculates that the Asus manufactured Google branded Tablet will be unveiled to the world in the month of May.

The slate whose original name is yet to leak out will be the first Android Tablet to use Google Play Store and will of course run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Rumor has it that the search engine giants initially sought the services of HTC for their next tablet, but the Taiwanese said no as they didn’t want to work on a low price Android Tablet. Besides HTC, Google also knocked the doors of Acer, which proved to be fruitless as the company didn’t have in-house R&D capability.

Previous rumors have told us that the tablet which may or may not be called Nexus Tablet, will become equip with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor and will have a 7 inch tablet shaped glass.


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