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Apple – ‘World’s Most Admired Company’

Apple – ‘World’s Most Admired Company’

by Nirave2 March 2012

Apple has topped list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” published by Fortune, who stated:

“To say it was another big year for Apple would be a gross understatement. With the passing of Steve Jobs, questions swirled around the company’s future. But under new CEO Tim Cook’s guidance, Apple continues to prosper.”

Apple is “riding the wave” at the moment, as the company is going through their strongest ever period. Revenues are at an all time high, the company has boosted its market capitalisation above the $500 billon milestone and it is now the most valuable company in the world.

Apple’s competitors, Google (Android vs iOS) and Amazon (Kindle tablets vs iPad) rounded off the top three with second and third place respectively.

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