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Apple in trouble over New iPad 4G claim

Apple in trouble over New iPad 4G claim

by Nirave29 March 2012

Apple’s woes are set to continue with UK and Swedish regulators taking a leaf out of their Australian counterpart’s book and examining Apple’s claims of 4G support in the New iPad.

As we revealed, Apple’s New iPad will not support 4G LTE in the UK or Europe, even if the countries have a working next gen network. The simple reason for this is that the New iPad supports the LTE bands in use in America and not the ones in use around most of the world.

Pocket-Lint reports that the UK regulators are looking into whether Apple’s claims of a 4G iPad that only work on HSPA and HSPA+ in the UK are intentionally misleading customers, whilst the Wall Street Journal reports that Sweden’s Consumer Agency is also looking into the claims.

More news when we have it. In the meantime, why not check out our New iPad unboxing?


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