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Apple is testing the mini iPad

Apple is testing the mini iPad

by Sheikh Ali1 March 2012

Sick and tired of hearing iPad 3 rumors? Well, we have got just the thing to cheer you up. Digitimes, the rumor kingpin has pushed forward a speculation according to which the Cupertinos have started internal testing of the mini iPad.

Industry sources are of the opinion that Apple will start  the production of the 8 inch or 7.85 inch (to be exact) iPad sometime during the third quarter of 2012 and will set its price tag in the range of $249 – 299. And as many speculate, the makers of the iPhone are going with the junior Apple Tablet to combat Amazon’s extremely popular Kindle Fire.

So if production is presumably set for some time in the second last quarter of 2012, when will the mini iPad land in the market? According to MIC Gadget, Christmas of 2012 is the release period for the 7 inch tablet. What do you reckon?

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