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Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone to get Global Launch

Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone to get Global Launch

by TechView Team25 February 2012

Samsung’s most desired smartphone is to not to arrive at Mobile World Congress. Samsung has yet to announce a date to revealed the Galaxy S III, but leaks continue to come about what the device might eventually feature in the official version. What we do know is that the Galaxy S III is definitely on its way. The device is rumoured to be a 4.8-inch display and Super AMOLED plus HD screen and that the entire back of the phone will be ceramic. I am rather sceptical about this last piece of information. I think that could make quite a breakable product. What would be grateful news would be the rumoured quad-core processor and 4G LTE along with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. News of the Samsung Galaxy S III delay is said to be because Samsung wishes to launch the phone globally in 50+ countries. That is a big endeavour when traditionally phones are launched in different markets over a period of time. However, it appears that Samsung wants to set the pace for its new flagship device and who can blame them.

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