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Review: Belkin Emerge 024 iPad 2

Review: Belkin Emerge 024 iPad 2

by TechView Team12 February 2012


The Belkin Emerge 024 is a soft-touch protective case for your iPad 2. It is compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover. 

The Belkin Emerge is of silver perforated design. The look is that it is metal but it is in fact plastic. However, you cannot tell this from a glance and you would need to examine the case on the inside to be able to tell.

The Emerge has a soft touch existence, which gives it a great feeling of smoothness. The perforated cells are not there for looks alone. Each Emerge comes with 4 coloured inner pads, blue, orange, green and pink and with this you can compliment the design with any smart cover, either mix or matching (see images below). The inner pads are also plastic so you do not have to worry about them being cardboard and being crushed or getting wet in some mishap.

The design of the case allows for a perfect fit both with the smart cover on and with the smart cover off. The corners of the Emerge align with a secure grip via a slight lip, and this allows you to clip-on the Emerge to provide a secure hold and removal of the case requires the same method, clipped-off for removal.

The fitting took no time and as you can see, I have installed a Gelaskin on my iPad 2 and I was able to use the Emerge with no problems.

The material is of a strong design and the subtle inner pads go well with the overall effect. There is complete access to all the ports and the design fits perfectly with no off-sided alignments that can exist in some cases that are not built for the job.


The exposed ports allow for the freedom of your music channel via the speaker and access to the camera, headphone, microphone, volume rocker, mute switch and charging port. I particularly like the feature of the microphone slot and the camera slot as I have come across cases without access to these ports, so Belkin in have done well in making sure that all consumer choices are taken into consideration.

The Belkin Emerge 024 for iPad 2 is £21.49 from Amazon

If you have further questions on the Belkin Emerge 024 for the iPad 2, use the contact details below.

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