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Nokia leaks out the White Lumia 900

Nokia leaks out the White Lumia 900

by Sheikh Ali10 February 2012

This was always on the card wasn’t it specially when the Mobile World Congress is just around the corner? Here is what has happened. A high quality press imager of the white uniform wearing Nokia Lumia 900 was leaked (intentionally I think) on Nokia’s very own blog, Nokia Conversations.

The Finlanders did some social promotion for the yet to be made official handset as well, as the image stood tall and handsome on their official Facebook page. As expected, the repair work was done and the image is no where to be seen on their blog and Facebook page. But the question is when and where will this white colored Windows Phone handset  announce its availability?  Unfortunately, we don’t have any official details on this but we are guessing it will be available once the handset hits the shelves. But one thing is for sure, Lumia 900 looks really beautiful doesn’t it?

Source: Engadget.

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