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Google on Board for Internet Privacy Bill

Google on Board for Internet Privacy Bill

by TechView Team25 February 2012

A new Bill of rights to cover consumer privacy will be revealed tomorrow. The Consumer Privacy Bill of rights is set to tackle the information and data gathered by cookies and passed to other websites. The Bill is set to endorse the ‘Do not track’ web browser button and has the  support of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. Its aims are to give power back to the consumer and to minimise the misuse of data that occurs particularly in light of the recent Path and Google saga. Five key areas of the bill are individual control, transparency, respect for context, security, access and accuracy, focussed collection and accountability.

In a statement, the Government said “The President’s privacy framework assures that as new Internet services develop privacy rules will keep up with, and not hamper, the pace of innovation. This framework takes advantage of the flexibility of self-regulatory processes but assures that new codes of conduct are guided by a comprehensive, forward-looking set of privacy principles and that all interested parties such as consumer advocates have a voice in the process.”

Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, told CNET that “The principles are genuinely good. The problem is that there is no plan for implementation or enforcement.”

More details on the bill and how it will impact consumers will emerge over the coming months.

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