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O2 moves quickly to Plug the Hole in its network following ‘NumberGate’

O2 moves quickly to Plug the Hole in its network following ‘NumberGate’

by TechView Team26 January 2012

O2 unwittingly divulged users telephone numbers when the user travels to websites. The company is the second largest mobile network operator with some 27.2 million subscribers and a further 2.8 million using the virtual networks of Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff. O2 revealed that upwards of 15 million people could have been affected by its data insecurity. The Information Commissioner’s Office for data protection remains with in its position that it is considering whether to investigate further. I would think so, wouldn’t you? If company’s are not held responsible, then it is a red-flag for others to make slip-up’s if they could avoid responsibility. It is thought that unscrupulous sites will find a way of stripping the telephone numbers it has already accumulated to run scams or present customers with errant content billing.

Unfortunately, for O2 they do not quite seem to get the issue of personal data and have revealed phone numbers to sites that offer age-restricted material and premium content billing. So, if you have son’s and daughters’ or partners that claim they did not request restricted material – you had best believe them.

O2 has not responded to further clarification on their policy nor could The Guardian find any clause in O2’s web and wap policy which allows them to share customers mobile telephone numbers.


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