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Samsung Galaxy S2 Case-Mate Tough Review

Samsung Galaxy S2 Case-Mate Tough Review

by Nirave3 September 2011

Hi there and I hope you are all well and having a great weekend . As you may have guessed I have been busy with case reviews lately and here we have another one for you and it’s probably my favourite one so far . It is the case-mate tough for the Samsung galaxy2

Case-mate do a few cases for the Samsung galaxy2 and they do cost a bit however their cases are always made to fit excellent and are often good sellers.

This case in particular has a rrp of £29.99 which i must admit is quite costly for a mobile phone case . So what exactly do you get for your money I hear you ask , well you get the case which comes in 2 parts and you also get a nice little screen protector . The case comes in a nice little box and is presented well to the buyer .

As mentioned above the case comes in two parts . You have a nice silicone type inside cover which hugs your sgs2 and makes sure that nothing can scratch your prized possession . You then have a rugged plastic/rubber type case that goes over the silicone inner layer . These cases have come to be known as hybrid cases as they are a hybrid between typical silicone cases and tougher plastic cases and they offer the advantages of both in one neat little package .

The case is very easy to fit to the sgs2 handset , you simply fit the silicone cover and then slide the phone with silicone cover on into the plastic/rubbery outer shell . once fitted to the sgs2 it does add a little bulk but it also feels really good and sturdy in the hand . The materials used aren’t cheap and the rugged plastic/rubber shell feels really good in the hand and offers a great piece of mind when handling your prized gadget .

Once the case is on all ports and buttons are easy to reach and with this case on the power button and volume buttons are actually easier to press then without the case on . I also like the way that the camera is now recessed with the case on and not sitting flush as it is less likely to get scratched . If you flip the case over and look at it from the front there is also a lip around the front of the screen this will stop the screen from resting on tables etc too meaning with this case you can put the phone screen down and not worry about scratching your nice shiny 4.3″ screen .

The holes for the headphones and power button have been cut with excellent precision and you can tell that this is not a cheap case from eBay when you hold it and look at it . Many friends have asked if it is the official case for the sgs2 as it fits it that well .

I also like the way that because the outer shell is plastic/rubbery material it doesn’t grip your trouser pocket when fetching the phone from it . With just plain silicone cases they sometimes grip my pocket and make it harder to put the device away or fetch it when it rings etc but this case doesn’t have that problem which was great to see when using it.

Having this case on my phone makes me feel much more confident throwing it into my pocket and much more confident that it wont break instantly on a drop which has to be worth the £30 the case costs doesn’t it?

It isn’t all positive though and there are a few tiny negatives about the casemate tough for the sgs2 .

One of them is one of my little pet hates and that is the inner silicone cover does collect a bit of dust from your pocket . It isn’t major and much better then other cases I have used , a quick wipe of a wet finger gets rid of it and makes it look brand new again but it sill picks up a little bit from the corners of your pockets and it can be a bit annoying .


Another little negative that may annoy some people is that it does add a bit of thickness to the sgs2 . Some have bought the thinnest phone in the world for that reason and will cringe at covering it up with a case like this but I think it is worth it for the protection it offers and it only makes it a little thicker . Granted it doesn’t look as good with it on but it will keep the phone nice during every day usage .

Overall I love the case-mate tough case for the sgs2 , it is my case of choice at the minute and I think it will remain so for a little while yet . It doesn’t collect much pocket fluff , it is made from good materials , it offers great protection , it looks like a premium case and feels like it , the cut outs are done excellent and to very high standard .

I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a case that offers great protection and isn’t worried about adding a little bulk to the sgs2 handset.

You can buy the case from mobilefun here case-mate tough from mobilefun and they offer a great speedy service and always answer emails quickly and friendly so a big shout to them for some great customer services . They also have many more cases for the sgs2 and they can be found in this link here.

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