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Skype For iPad with Video Calling coming soon!

Skype For iPad with Video Calling coming soon!

by Nirave26 June 2011

One thing the iPad is missing is a decent Skype client; currently only the iPhone app works and it doubles the size of the screen resulting in a poor quality app.

Never fear, for it seems that the Skype for iPad app could be coming soon according to sources via Redmond Pie.

It all begins with a video that was uploaded to Skype’s official YouTube channel, only to be removed and then reuploaded via a screen recording taken by a quick-witted reader and uploaded by Razorianfly.

Confirmation came in a interview with Skype’s VP of Consumer and Product Design Rick Osterloh by TUAW;

Osterloh says that the iPhone version of Skype burst out of the gate quickly, with a big launch and “a userbase that doubled in just a month’s time.” And he said the iPad version should “have a similar success,” especially since it’s basically the same in functionality: chatting, audio and video calling, and all of the other standard actions you can expect from Skype. The current app has been in testing for a few months now, and Osterloh is excited to unleash it on the public.

Check out the video below!


So it looks like Skype could be out for the iPad soon and we say not a moment too soon!! Although let’s be totally honest, we could just end up seeing Microsoft remove Skype from iOS altogether! Let us know what you think in the comments, on Twitter or on our FaceBook page

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